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A placard carved into stone that reads, "They know enough who know to learn. Henry Adams."

The mission of the Department of Statistics is to contribute to the overall objectives of Oregon State University and the Colleges of Science and Agriculture through excellence in research and education in the statistical sciences and through service to the university community, statistical profession, and society at large.


The Department’s research objectives

  • To contribute to the theoretical development of the field through scholarly research in statistical theory and methodology, with publications in leading professional journals;
  • To contribute to the development of new statistical methodology to address substantive problems and to promote the use of these methods through publications in both statistics and subject-matter journals;
  • To contribute to the advancement of science and technology through interdisciplinary research, jointly with scientists at OSU and other research institutions.


The Department’s goals are to serve effectively the diverse educational needs of the students in the University through a variety of activities and programs

  • Service Teaching: to educate OSU students pursing a degree in another field in basic principles of statistical reasoning and statistical methods—through a range of introductory and intermediate courses.
  • Master’s Programs: to prepare graduate students for professional careers in data collection, management and analysis in the public or private sector; to provide significant statistical and quantitative training to students pursuing a Ph.D. degree in other fields; and to prepare student for a Ph.D. program in Statistics.
  • Ph.D. program: to prepare Ph.D. students for careers in research and consulting by providing them with advanced education in theory and methodology and by training them to carry out independent research.


The Department’s service objectives are to provide service to the university, the profession, the state or Oregon, and the nation

  • To improve the research and educational environment of the department and the university by facilitating recruitment of faculty and students, serving on committees, and participating in long-term planning activities;
  • To contribute to the statistics profession and to the larger scientific community by serving on editorial boards, review panels, and administrative and advisory committees;
  • To promote statistical reasoning and the use of sound statistical practice in the university, the state of Oregon, and the nation.