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Across the U.S., invasive species like cheatgrass in Oregon greatly impair local ecosystems. Statistical assessment of the need for native seeds and the capacity to supply them is a step to restore balance.

With expertise in both theoretical statistics and data analytics, we are proud to offer the only research program of its kind in the state of Oregon! Our statisticians are regularly recruited to serve as consultants for important university, government and industry projects that have far-reaching impact on the environment and government policy.

Statistics research

Our faculty have made significant and sustained contributions to the development of mathematical and computational tools with applications in ecology, risk analysis and high-dimensional data.

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Interdisciplinary research

Collaboration is integral to the department’s mission of excellent research, teaching and service. Our faculty contribute a vital statistical lens to projects ranging from sustainable forestry, infectious disease sampling and risk management for the changing climate.

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Survey Research Center

The statistics department has hosted the survey research center for nearly half a century to provide comprehensive survey services to members of the Oregon State community and beyond. With over 25 years of experience in survey methodology, our staff have the ability to offer clients statistical expertise in efficient sampling design, analysis and interpretation of results.

Research seminars

We regularly host seminars where our faculty, students and research partners share new insights and attempt to break down complex data into digestible (and fascinating) results!