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Our Department

Kidder Hall on a sunny springtime day.

Welcome to the Department of Statistics! We are proud to contribute to almost every educational discipline at Oregon State, and our collective endeavors are impacting students and research far beyond our own department and discipline. Our faculty teach over 4,500 nonstatistics students every year. Our consulting practice has advised students in over 30 departments at OSU in the last two years alone.

Mission and history

Since 1919, when the first statistics class was offered at Oregon State University, our department has been steadily working towards our goals in research, education and service.

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A brief history of the department 

Awards and honors

Statistics faculty have consistently received recognition from the university and beyond for excellence in teaching and research and unfailing commitment to community service.

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Diversity and Inclusion

The statistics department is dedicated to maintaining a welcoming and inclusive environment for our students, faculty and staff. Diversity in people, ideas and perspectives promote excellence and we are committed to actively seeking out ways to achieve equal representation within our department.

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Ethics for statisticians

Ethics are the highest priority for our department. We refer to the ethical guidelines provided by AMSTAT as a guide to promote accountability for statistical practicioners. Society benefits from informed judgments supported by ethical statistical practice. All statistical practitioners are expected to follow these guidelines and encourage others to do the same.